Liz’s New Pushchair

In December we were the very happy recipients of this life changing pushchair – since then Liv has experienced a prolonged period of ill 
health BUT we are back on the move now.

We are using the pushchair everyday and most importantly we are able to take her back out for woodland walks with the rest of the family at 
the weekends. My husband has even taken her on a couple of ParkRuns at Bushey park (which she loves) the difference in her experience is so 
obvious to see – she is so much more comfortable, I have sat in it and it feels like being in a hammock! When pushing her you can feel that the suspension is just brilliant.

Liv never protests at being put in the pushchair and asks for her feet to be clipped in by stamping them on the foot plate if we don’t get to 
them quickly enough – we know she enjoys the security of being held in this way.

Life changing gift

Thank you so so much 🥰


In May 2021 we were delighted to be able to buy a new Tomcat Trike for Daniel to take out with his family

Quote: “We took Daniel out at the weekend and he loved being able to see everything while riding his new trike; reaching for flowers and feeling the wind in his face! We are just so grateful for this donation, thank you SCAMPPS!”


Quote: “We received the trike at the weekend and Harrison got to go out on it everyday over that weekend and absolutely loves it! The trike will make a massive difference to Harrison, helping him use his legs and lift his head up. Also for us to be able to include him with activities with friends and sister. Thanks so much for this donation.”