Below is a list of entitlements that you may be eligible for.

Blue Badge

In Surrey the Blue Badge for Disabled Parking is available from the age of 2. You can send in your application a few weeks in advance so that it will be ready to use on your child’s second birthday. It is pretty straightforward if your child doesn’t walk at all, but if they can walk a few steps you may need to be assessed which can delay the process. For more information or to apply online visit

Carers Allowance

Carers Allowance is available for anyone spending 35 hours per week caring for someone who receives middle or higher rate DLA. This benefit is earnings-related, and you will not qualify if you are in full time education. Your other benefits may go up or down. For more information see

Child Benefit

Child Benefit is available for all children. For more information see

Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction is not normally available for disabled children in a household, unless a room is being used to ‘meet the needs of the disabled person’. This could include storing specialist equipment for them or using a room for ‘treatment’. If the council accept your claims, they will consider that you have one less bedroom in your house, which then reduces the Band your house is in for Council Tax purposes. Using a wheelchair in the house is also mentioned as a reason to get a deduction. Contact your local Council for specific details

DLA (Disability Living Allowance)

DLA can be claimed at 3 Months for the Care Component, 3 Years for the Higher Rate Mobility Component (If you receive this you should be eligible for Vehicle Tax Exemption and Motability – see below, and 5 Years for the Lower Rate Mobility Component. For more information see

Equipment and adaptations to help with daily living

If you need to adapt your home because of a disability, you can apply to the council for equipment or help. For example if you require a ramp to access your home, or need equipment such as hoists within the home. For more information see the Surrey County Council website under Social Care and Health
Free nappies – If your child is over 4 and is still wearing nappies all the time day and night, you should be able to obtain free, good-quality nappies. You can even specify brands. Speak to your Health Visitor or GP for more information.


Motability is a charity which helps people who have the higher rate mobility component of the DLA lease a new car. They also have hire-purchase agreements as well. See

Tax credits

Tax credits are available to claim. Working Tax Credit is available for people working 16 hours or more. Child Tax Credit supports families with children regardless of whether you are in work or not. For more information see

VAT exemption

If you are purchasing any goods/equipment which has been specifically designed for use by people who are chronically sick or disabled then you may be eligible for the goods/service to be exempt from VAT. An example would be if you were purchasing a special needs adapted bicycle for your child, you may not need to pay VAT.  Ask the company you are purchasing from, and they will provide you with further information

Vehicle tax exemption

You can apply for vehicle tax exemption if your child is receiving higher rate mobility component of DLA. For more information see