Reward Chart Adaption Ideas
Have 3 or 4 photos of reward activities printed on the right hand side of a piece of paper.  Leading up to each reward have 3 or 4 circles or boxes.  Each time your child is behaving in the desired manner, let them put a sticker on the chart towards a treat of their choice.  When they’ve achieved all the stickers in a row they get their reward.  This is particularly useful if you wanted the good behaviour to be going on throughout the day as they don’t have to wait so long for the reward, and the incentive is there to persevere.

Laminate Sticker Reward Charts
If you laminate reward sticker charts, you can just peel off the stickers at the end of the day and your chart is ready to go again for the next day.

Reward Charts for Younger Children
Try enlarging a picture of a favourite activity and cutting it up into 3, 4 or maybe 6 pieces.  A piece of the puzzle can be given each time they are good.  When all of the pieces are in place they get their reward.